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How do I update my contact details?

To update your contact details, please email us at info@rolda.org.au or call us at 0473 001 274.

Can I adopt a dog from ROLDA, Inc?

Congratulations on choosing to adopt a companion animal! Around 250,000 healthy cats and dogs are euthanized in Australian shelters each year. By making the pledge "to adopt, not buy" you can give someone a second chance at life.
ROLDA Inc does not facilitate adoptions. However, you might want to contact one of the shelters or rescue groups listed on Pet Rescue https://www.petrescue.com.au/ and Rescue Network https://www.rescuenetwork.com.au/ websites where you can find lists of animals available for adoption around Australia.

What should I do if I find a lost or injured animal?

If you find an injured wild animal, please call your local wildlife rescue organisation or vet. Some organisations will only operate phones during certain hours so, if the animal needs immediate help please take them to a vet or try contacting another group. Most vets will help wildlife at no cost.


Is ROLDA Inc a registered non-profit organization?

ROLDA, Inc is a charity recognized by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission, ABN 38 420 396 060 and by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), ARBN 624 622 859.

Is ROLDA, Inc an animal shelter?

ROLDA, Inc doesn't run shelters in Australia. We support two animal sanctuaries in Romania. However, based on the expertise accumulated in years in Romania, our team recently launched online support to help Australians who have dogs with behavior problems.
Please check ROLDA Youtube channel for dogs behavior advices.
If you and your dog need our help, please join ROLDA Group on Facebook.

Who is ROLDA Inc Board of Directors?

The Board is formed by Sarah, Andy, Leanne, Jackie, Dana, Gemma.

What is ROLDA, Inc doing to help animals overseas?

ROLDA, Inc is supporting financially two private sanctuaries in Romania, in which approx. 900 animals transit every year. We also campaign against the illegal transport of live animals across the Globe.
ROLDA runs social campaigns to help impoverished citizens to look after their pets responsibly, to sterilize and microchip their dogs for free, we also offer free horseshoes and medical assistance to donkeys and horses used as working animals in the villages of Galati region, in the south east of Romania.

Transparency ROLDA, Inc

How can I verify ROLDA is a legit organization?

Transparency is one of our top guiding principles. Australian donors can verify ROLDA on ACNC website: http://www.acnc.gov.au/

For the activity conducted in Romania, you can find the last Financial Report (as well as previous years reports) on the official website of Ministry of Finances: mfinante.ro (http://www.mfinante.gov.ro/agenticod.html?pagina=domenii ), searching ROLDA under the registration number: 18416340. Alternatively, you can find the Financial Report at: https://rolda.org/financial-info-rolda/ and the latest Annual Report: https://sponsoradog.rolda.org/report/

The bookkeeping service in Romania and Australia is externalized, meaning that we work with independent institutions or experts that keep accurate financial records each year.

A number of people from around the World (including representatives of corporations, media or diplomatic missions) wrote testimonials after visiting our shelters. Read testimonials here.

Is my donation to ROLDA Inc tax deductible?

Not yet entitled to receive tax deductible gifts. Application revision is pending.

How can I help from Australia?

How can I raise awareness in my community about ROLDA, Inc?

Thank you for wanting to help make our voice for animals the strongest it can be! There are many ways you can help us speak up for animals.

a) Pledge a monthly gift
ROLDA Inc 's high impact campaigns are underpinned by the donations from caring supporters like you. By pledging a monthly gift to ROLDA Inc , you will be helping to ensure we can continue to expose animal cruelty and work towards a kinder world for all animals.
You can make a monthly gift directly on ROLDA website: https://rolda.org.au/donate/ or click here to make a regular gift on MyCause
You can also find us on MyGivingCircle
If you want to sponsor one (or more)dogs from ROLDA shelters in Romania, click here to become a "Global parent for a Romanian stray" today.

b) Volunteer
By becoming a volunteer you will enable ROLDA Inc to extend the impact of our campaigns, online and offline. Join an active team of like-minded people, working to create real change for animals. From letter writing to public outreach, to strategic campaign initiatives, there is something that everyone can do to make a difference. Contact us at info@rolda.org.au for more details.

c) Spread the word
Too often, cruel practices inflicted on animals around the World are allowed to continue simply because people aren't aware of what's happening. But with your help, we can change that! Become a ROLDA Ambassador! Spread the word about ROLDA Inc campaigns to shine a light on animal cruelty and inspire others to make a difference for animals too. Share our campaigns on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, subscribe to our Youtube channel, tell your friends about us, or even order leaflets to distribute in your community.

How can I support ROLDA, Inc with my business?

You can support our rescue mission with your own business by starting an online fundraising page for ROLDA.  Check out here how you can create a Facebook fundraising event.
In case you don't use Facebook, you can join ROLDA on MyCause or GiveNow (Australian fundraising platforms) and pledge your birthday or create a crowdraising/fundraising event. Design your event, promote it on your social media sites and tell your customers about it. This is a fun and easy way to let your customers know you care about animals while also raising much needed funds to support ROLDA.
If you have other ideas in mind or any questions, please contact us at info@rolda.org.au or call us at 0473 001 274.

How can I fundraise for ROLDA, Inc?

ROLDA Inc relies on the generous financial gifts of our supporters to continue our important campaign work. Organizing your own fundraiser is one way you can help to provide us with this crucial support, and at the same time create greater awareness about ROLDA's work.
Fundraising for animals online is a fuss-free method of promoting ROLDA and takes the hassle out of donation collection. Check out here how you can create a Facebook fundraising event.
In case you don't use Facebook, you can join ROLDA on MyCause or GiveNow (Australian fundraising platforms) and pledge your birthday or create a crowdraising/fundraising event. If you have other ideas in mind, please contact us at info@rolda.org.au with as many details as possible. Please allow sufficient time for us to assess and approve your proposal.


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