Help the forgotten, nobody’s dogs that you care about from behind of your computer, from the comfort of your home.

They have something to
hope for. You.

Give Differently! Give Time, not $

For the cause you care!

Every time ROLDA Rescue Team saves a dog in need, we wish you were here with us, to put your hands around these dogs tiny bodies, to feel their hearts beating – at beginning maybe faster because they are scared of unknown – these dogs were never hold, snuggled, protected before.

We wish you were here, with us when we saved Tarot (the dog rescued from burning tar), or Aika and her puppies or when we decided to fight with Bela to save her life.







We know you wish to be here, too.

In a way, you are because

without your support, we
couldn’t save these dogs.

We also know that some people are afraid to use airplanes, some are simply too far away (like our US or Australian supporters) and it’s too expensive to come and rescue; some people have extremely busy lives, or small kids or busy jobs, some have medical conditions that prevent them to go on long distances.

For these people who can’t travel in nearest future to help ROLDA Rescue Team in Romania, we’d like to present some examples of people who still make a great difference, helping #roldadogs from their homes.

Don’t be shy. Contact us if you have a fundraising idea in mind, if you can help us in any other ways then by making a donation . Do you plan to organize a fundraising party, a Christmas event , spread leaflets, put a stand in a market, attend a conference, talk to a corporation to sponsor us …there are more ways to make good and the most important start is a good will.