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You have the power to save lives!


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Help us to get justice for severely abused dogs

Ask the Romanian National Veterinary Authority (ANSVSA) to shut down or remodel the public pounds to meet the sanitary and humane requirements for dogs’ better living conditions.

Emergency rescue
Dogs in Romania are suffering!

They are on the streets starving, having multiple litters of puppies, the majority of which will not survive and sadly many of the dogs are poisoned or abused, dogs like Liberty! He was abandoned on the streets by his owner to die in agony, wearing a huge tumor on his belly.

Pawsitive Adoptions
Rescued in Romania, loved throughout the World

Over the last 15 years, we have successfully found forever homes throughout the world for close to 15,000 animals rescued from the streets here in Romania.

Christmas is not just for people

It’s #dogsXMAS too! Every winter, ROLDA strives to provide food and warmth to thousands of homeless dogs in the southeast of Romania. For the “nobody’s dogs” in Romania, there is no Santa, there is no Christmas. But with your help, we can change this! For Christmas, you can spread your magic and be Santa to a stray dog in need!

Buy a special Christmas meal for a homeless, starving dog! It costs 1 EUR (or USD) and you can buy as many meals as you like!
Click here to read more about our ROLDA Christmas campaign, where you can not only donate to feed dogs, but also buy virtual Christmas gifts for your animal-loving friends or send them a free Christmas e-card!

Your generosity is the true miracle this Christmas!

Give Drops of Life

Exposed to malnourishment and contagious diseases, up to 80% of puppies born of the streets, die if not vaccinated on time. Donate here 1 (or more) vaccine/s.

with your help

We’ve funded
802 social projects
increased the number of animals helped by 223%
reaching a total of 2561
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But we’re not done yet. We still need your help.

Here’s how you can get involved…

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Donate securely via St. George Bank

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Make a donation directly into our bank account

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Send a cheque directly to our office address
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Legacy Donation

As a relatively young charity, we need to build on our financial reserves for long-term projects.

Sponsor a Dog

Yearly, monthly or one-time gifts for our dogs …Or sponsor them all!

Virtual Gifts

Unique gifts that help to protect abused animals and the environment in Romania.

Sign Petition

Animals will continue to suffer in silence, unless you speak up for them.

Volunteer With Us

One of the best ways to understand the stray problem in Romania, what we do and why.


ROLDA Inc. is dedicated to rescuing neglected, abused and abandoned animals. Our work started in Romania, where the population of stray dogs – estimated at 2.5 million – is one of the largest in the world. Today, we work around the world, striving to create a safer, cleaner, and more compassionate environment for the benefit of all people and animals. In Australia, ROLDA Inc. is on a mission to make sure that not a single adopted animal gets returned to a shelter.

Our Work

ROLDA Inc. helps abused, neglected and homeless animals. We rely on volunteers and donations to carry out our vital projects. Thousands of stray dogs, but also other pets and farm animals are dependent on your generosity and support.

About Us

We rescue and provide medical treatment to animals in a country where animal abuse and neglect is horrendously prevalent - and every day, we make a difference on the front line of animal welfare. We demand justice for the forgotten, for those that have no voice to speak up with. Justice for these animals is possible, but not without your help.

How we earn your trust

Love Comes First

Our team rescues, provides shelter, rehabilitates and rehomes dogs all year round.


Keeping our costs low means your gift makes the biggest impact possible.

Targeting Root Causes

Going after the symptoms of stray overpopulation is temporary.Going after its causes is permanent.


Financial and annual reports are ready for you. Simply ask.

Your Donation Multiplies

Your gift + marketing + grants + donated goods + matching gifts= Bigger impact

International Leadership

Think GLOBAL but act locally to help animals in the poorest area of Romania.

How we help

Our focus is on animal care, but our work and impact goes much further.

Disaster relief
Poor communities pets


Together, we have funded


20213 animals


2 sanctuaries


2561 social cases


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The health and wellbeing of people in developing countries like Romania is directly linked to animal health and disease control. That’s where we step in. We run long-term projects, focusing on one of the poorest regions of Romania, with an aim to improve the welfare of animals as well as the lives of people connected with them.