They are born in the worst place possible to be a dog…

Romania has by far the worst stray overpopulation issue when compared to all the Eastern and South Eastern countries in Europe. Tragically, the situation receives far less attention and media coverage when compared to countries like Greece, Turkey, and Spain. Primarily because Romania is not a major tourist destination. There are no outsiders to see the pain endured by our abandoned and abused animals. They sadly remain out of sight, out of mind, and of little interest to the international media.

But they have hope, they cling to it. As do we.

And hope is a priceless gift that we alone can give to the millions of abused and abandoned strays on Romanian streetsWhat creature does not fight to keep its life? Struggle against impossible odds to protect and provide for their young? We have far more in common with our four-legged companions than perhaps we realise. We also have the power to give them a bright future. Without us? They have nothing and no one.

We work to demand justice for the forgotten, for those who have no voice to speak up with. Our dream is possible, but not without your support.

Dog shelter2

This massive project started as a unique alternative to save the strays from imminent death. After negotiations with the local steel plant’ managers, for ROLDA, became clear that building a large sanctuary, where dogs will be sheltered until being adopted, was the only way we could save them from being brutally mass killed, as it happened in the past when dogs from steel plant were executed and disposed over the Danube river.

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Dog shelter1

There is no place like home. But what if you are a homeless, abused dog? ROLDA small shelter was started in 2003 and within few months, already nominated one of the best dog shelters from Romania. This place not only represents ROLDA beginnings, but it is also not only our pride. It is a haven for abused, neglected animals (dogs, but also a few cats) that have no other place to call home.

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Behavior assessment

The behavioral and psychological assessments of our dogs enable us to make successful rehoming in Romania and across Europe. ROLDA’s shelter and medical staff are highly experienced in interpreting canine body language and patterns of behavior. We understand dogs change over their lives just as humans do and we guarantee potential adopters receive updated information to help them making their right decision.

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International adoption

Home is the most special thing someone can offer to a dog. And the dog has a few things to give you in return: gratitude, loyalty, commitment, friendship, and true love. It’s a win-win situation. We successfully adopted our dogs across Europe and only a few, in the United States. An adoption fee and transportation costs must be covered by the adopter.

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International volunteers

The heart and soul of our charity: the volunteers. They put their time, skills and energy at work for the voiceless in Romania. Over the years, we welcomed volunteers from the US, Australia and many countries from Europe. If you have special skills, if you can travel and visit our facilities in Romania, if you can help us from behind of your computer, from the comfort of your home, we’d love to hear from you.

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Donkeys rescue

Donkeys are 1st category of working animals exploited, abused, and abandoned to die or end up as meat for the illegal trade industry. In order to accommodate donkeys in need of shelter and/or medical care, ROLDA opened a small sanctuary and in addition, started a project of free home care for donkeys that belong to poor rural communities.

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Rescue dogs from Public shelters

Whenever we manage to make room in our shelters for new dogs, we go visit the public shelter and save some dogs from that Hell. We know we can’t save them all and yes, every visit to the public shelter is painful and emotional but also an escape plan for the lucky selected dogs. For them, in that day, the future change, and with small exceptions, we manage to find great homes for these dogs in Europe and even the US!

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The health and wellbeing of people in developing countries like Romania is directly linked to animal health and disease control. That’s where we step in. We run long-term projects, focusing on one of the poorest regions of Romania, with an aim to improve the welfare of animals as well as the lives of people connected with them.


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