ROLDA Inc. is the arm of ROLDA, an international charity established for the protection and rehabilitation of homeless animals. Over the last 15 years, we extended our reach beyond Romania and are now active in the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, the US, and Australia where we fight for animal rights, promote animal welfare through education programs and support groups to encourage animal adoptions and rehabilitation.

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In Australia

Since 2014, ROLDA Inc is raising awareness in Australia about the catastrophic conditions abandoned animals face in Romania. We believe every animal deserves another chance. We campaign tirelessly for animal rights.

In Romania

We started our journey in Romania (Central Europe) in 2006 with the aim to solve the appalling problem of the country’s estimated 2.5 million population of stray dogs.


ROLDA never put to sleep healthy dogs. We fight, together with the dog, for his life. If there is a medical solution and if the dog has even a little chance to recover, we act.


ROLDA provides shelter from the moment a dog is adopted up until the dog goes to their forever home.


In a country with one of the worst overpopulations of strays, failure is not an option!

Promote animal welfare

Encourage & assist animal lovers to adopt from local shelters

Provide a forum and expert support group to anyone wishing to adopt a rescue dog

Raise awareness of animal abuse and neglect internationally

Raise funds for abandoned and injured animals in Romania

Enable rescued dogs to receive medical assistance, sheltering and to be adopted abroad;

Support fundraising efforts in Australia to benefit street dogs and cats in Romania as well as to campaign against illegal public shelters, against animal cruelty and abuse;

Fund a database of Australian supporters to more effectively raise help for Romanian animals.

Our work is:

  • Humane and responsible
    Read about the impact of ROLDA on a population of 10.000 strays and our measured results

  • Focused on animal welfare principles
    Learn more about "Sponsor a dog" opportunities or how you can become a Global Parent

  • Measurable
    ROLDA constantly track our progress and shares the results with everyone involved.

  • Community based
    The best way to protect animals is to help them be safe in their community

  • Transparent
    Because ROLDA respects our great supporters!

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