In Australia, our primarily goals are to:

Provide online assistance to Australian dog owners who have adopted or will soon adopt a dog from a local shelter
Run social campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of pets in people lives
Organise events to encourage and assist people to help animals in need
Media and fundraising campaigns to help animals in Romania, but also focus on animal-related issues in Australia
One of our biggest goals is to build a sanctuary for neglected animals in NSW.

Online assistance for Australian dog adopters

Adopting a rescue pet into your family is an incredible and selfless act of kindness. But often rescue animals have had a terrible start in life – and they might be a little harder to handle than what you anticipated.


At ROLDA, we don’t just want to make sure that as many abandoned animals are rehomed to loving families – we also want to ensure that adopted animals stay adopted, and aren’t given back to a shelter. That’s why we launched the Adopted Dog Club Australia – a Facebook network for people who have adopted a dog, and who’d like support, training tips and adoption insights.


Dogs, no matter how big or small need some level of training – some breeds more than others. In our experience, providing advice and support to dog owners as soon as possible makes a big difference to how the owners handle difficulty, and directly impacts how likely it is for the owners to keep their new companion. Often, small problems that are left unchecked turn into an extremely challenging situation for a family, especially when small children are present. By providing post-adoption support, we aim to reduce the number of rescues the Australian authorities and charity organisations have to rehome, or more tragically, euthanise, because a dog is no longer wanted.


If you’ve adopted a dog – please join! If you’re not on Facebook and would like support with your dog during or after adoption, send ROLDA an email and our dog experts will be able to assist.

Online assistance for you and your dog!
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