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We are strong believers in giving animals a second chance. In our dog shelters in Romania we have a strict no-kill policy, and do everything we can to reach as many animals as possible and also rehome them in forever homes.

We have developed a strong network of adopters across Europe as well as expertise in rehoming and training rescue dogs. Hundreds of dog owners benefit from our expert advice, tips, and training to help them welcome and settle their new rescue dogs in their homes.

We launched ROLDA Inc, our Australian branch, in 2014 after strong demand for qualified training advice to people wishing to rehome rescue dogs while the population of abandoned animals was growing. We feel that a lot of Australians could benefit from our knowledge and years of experience rehoming rescues. Our advice is free, provided voluntarily, from experts who work with dogs every day either as trainers, dog behaviourists, carers, or rehoming consultants.

In Australia, we are working towards our goal of building an animal sanctuary in new south Wales that will model our successful experience in caring and rehoming abandoned animals in the hope that they become somebody’s pets once again.

Objective: Provide families with one-to-one support to help reduce the number of rescue dogs in Australian shelters.

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If you adopted or will adopt a dog from local shelter and you need some advises, if you are unsure about your dog behavior, if you would like a second opinion related to your dog – you reached the right place! ROLDA would like to utilize its experience and knowledge to provide support for Australian dog owners who adopted/will adopt an animal from a shelter.

Dogs, no matter how big or small need some level of training, some breeds more than others. In our experience, providing advice and support to dog owners as soon as possible after behavioral problems arise, makes a big difference as to how the owners handle a difficulty and directly impacts how likely a dog is to remain in the family home. Often small problems, when left unchecked, turn into an extremely challenging situation for a family, partially when small children are present. By providing this support, we aim to reduce the number of rescues the Australian authorities and charity organisations have to rehome, or more tragically, euthanize, because a dog is no longer wanted.

How you can get free advices from an expert about dog behaviour problems?

Join this Facebook group created for people who adopted a dog from a shelter – Adopted Dog Club Australia

Contact us by email at and explain how we can help you and your dog

Join ROLDA live sessions on Facebook

Visit this Youtube channel section dedicated to discussions with canine behaviour experts

Visit this section of our website

Objective: To help pets owners and their furry friends live in harmony and understand each other better. Read more

In respect to all who care about animals, ROLDA team creates free, downloadable materials, a click away from you – which you can save and share with your friends. We are thinking of different topics, trying to keep these freebies creative and interesting for all our readers. TOGETHER, we help animals and people live in harmony, well informed, understanding each other better. Let’s discover together how you can protect your pet during emergency, how to travel with your pet, about fire safety plan and much more here.

Objective: To provide an easy to read, accessible educational resource that people can keep and refer to when they own dogs. Read more

We will produce a brochure designed to help people overcome the most common problems they may experience welcoming a dog into their home. We will include hints and tips to provide gentle discipline, basic dog training examples, how to access our online one-to-one support and suggestions for equipment and accessories they may find useful.

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As many Australian dogs are housed outside due to the favourable weather conditions, we will create an educational leaflet providing advice regarding the welfare of kennel dwelling dogs. Hints and tips ranging from basics such as providing clean water and food, ensuring the dog has enough room to roam to help and advice on the emotional and physical wellbeing of the dog, such as and providing them with enrichment such as toys and foodstuffs for additional nutrition and enjoyment. A physically and mentally healthy dog is a happy dog.

Objective: Provide valuable advice to families with rescue dogs from a charity that has rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed strays for over 15 years. Read more

We will produce a leaflet designed for Australian’s who welcome a rescue dog to their home. The leaflet would include hints and tips including any equipment they may need, how to welcome the dog in the first few days and how to deal with common behavioural problems that arise with rescues. ROLDA know how to help a distressed dog and we can pass on this experience and knowledge to families who chose to rescue rather than purchase a dog.

Objective: Provide educational support for young children with the aim to help prevent cruelty to animals from school age. Read more

ROLDA feel it is important for children from a young age to learn about animal welfare and how to care for an animal properly. As a longer term project, ROLDA will develop an educational presentation that can be delivered in schools around the country.

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