30 Jan

Save Oscar

Save Oscar

“My pain is easier to bear when I see you.” that’s what Oscar seems to say when he is around people. Unfortunately, there is no end to the pain that animals feel.

It was a regular Saturday. I took a break from writing a report, logged in to Facebook when the image of a tiny fur ball filled the screen… he was trying to reach a person in a parking lot. He was too young to understand how dangerously close he was to the busy road. He was focused on reaching the person that stopped the car in the parking lot before she went away, like all the other people who abandoned him behind… hungry and scared… alone in the bitter cold.

He wished to go faster or run, like normal puppies did, but he couldn’t… he could only use three legs to move. With one paw suspended in the air, the pain was easier to manage. And so he hopped on, in the night, waiting for someone that would notice him before it was too late.

The day ROLDA got an Oscar

There is no end to the pain that animals feel, so there is no end to the ROLDA Rescue Team’s mission. Even if it was his day off, Vasile rushed to his van and drove 90 kilometers to Tulcea to meet a lovely girl called Ema.

It was her who spotted Oscar in the parking lot and rang the alarm. Vasile took the small, injured pup back to Galati to the same clinic that once saved Maia’s legs. For this particular case, ROLDA Rescue Team had to cross the Danube River twice, drove for a total of 3 hours and now, veterinary bills are ahead.

We hope that together, we can transform Oscar’s life.

Please make a gift to help Oscar heal!

I don’t know if everyone can get an Oscar … but one Saturday, thanks to Ema from Tulcea and thanks to Vasile, ROLDA got one.

Please make a gift to help Oscar and also, help ROLDA reach more dogs like Oscar, dogs that have no one else to turn to – dogs that without you, would die all alone, hungry, injured and scared.

Photo: Vasile with “his” little Oscar.

Update: The veterinary finished examining Oscar’s leg. Unfortunately, Oscar suffers a congenital leg deformity and his leg needs amputation. But first, Oscar needs two vaccination and immunization period of 2 weeks after last vaccine because otherwise we risk to amputate leg, lower the immune system of Oscar, which will expose him to parvo or distemper risk when being vaccinated.

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